Are You Fulfilling Your God Given Dream?

Within you is a Dream – a calling, a birthright, and a destiny for greatness. Your dream is filled with God’s great purposes and plans for your life and the lives you will influence as you fulfill the destiny He has designed for you. (Jer. 29:11) Perhaps your dream has not been realized, or life circumstances have caused your dream to become squelched, suppressed, or lost. It may seem that your dream is too wildly improbable, or there are too many obstacles standing in your way, or you’ve missed your window of opportunity. The flame of your dream may have been reduced to a small flicker or you’ve altogether forgotten how to dream.

IMG_3623 2Children don’t have a problem dreaming. Children love to play make believe, and dream of being superheroes, princesses, and doctors. They know inside that they are called to greatness. Yet, life happens, and growing up, they hear the enemy’s lies that they can’t be great, and somewhere along the way, they believe the lie and loose their confidence to dream big and to achieve greatness. They may end up in a job they don’t like, just surviving. This is not living the abundant life Jesus promised in John 10:10.IMG_3624

Are you ready to dream again and give yourself permission to shine, displaying His glory?  You may be passively waiting for God to sovereignly fulfill His promises and purposes for your life, but He may be waiting for you to dream with Him and partner with Him.  If you know deep within you’re capable of more and you haven’t been able to release the greatness within, you may want to consider exploring something different and investing in yourself.  A coach will challenge you to expand your thinking, develop your life plans, and support you to bring those plans to completion.

Whether you feel stuck, shut down, stymied, or need support in completing your goals, our professional team can empower you to get on track to discovering and fulfilling your dream and purpose for which you were created.  Check out our services for life coaching, prayer ministry, and therapy and contact us to get started on creating your fuller, more meaningful life.