Are You Fulfilling Your God Given Dream?

Within you is a Dream – a calling, a birthright, and a destiny for greatness. Your dream is filled with God’s great purposes and plans for your life and the lives you will influence as you fulfill the destiny He has designed for you. (Jer. 29:11) Perhaps your dream has not been realized, or life circumstances have caused your dream to become squelched, suppressed, or lost. It may seem that your dream is too wildly improbable, or there are too many obstacles standing in your way, or you’ve missed your window of opportunity. The passionate flame of your dream may have been reduced to a small flicker.

Life is about dreaming, doing, and enjoying yourself in the process. However, life can be messy. Life can be challenging. A whirlwind of circumstance may have you feeling confused or a deep need to recharge. You may not even know what your purpose in life is, how to fulfill it, or you may even want to give up trying to achieve your dream after frustrated attempts.
If your dream is divinely inspired, hope is far from lost. Do you want to get on course to fulfilling your call to greatness? The Dream Giver wants to encounter you, awaken your dreams of greatness and empower you by His Spirit to birth and bring life to your dreams. Despite every attack, threat and fear, God can liberate your spirit, and soul so overwhelming weights fall off, your strength is renewed and your destiny can begin. To walk in the greatness of your dreams, with freedom and authority requires more than passively expecting God to sovereignly bring them to completion. Light the fire of your desires and passionately pursue your dreams. Deal with the hindrances keeping your dreams from being realized and get on course to living your dreams and purposes you were created for.
If you need encouragement to dream again, keep your dreams alive, and empowerment to bring your dreams to full fruition, I can help. As a professional life coach, motivational speaker, and ordained minister specializing in inner healing prayer, I stand ready to guide and encourage you into living in the fullness of what God has called you. Please contact me and let’s get started on guiding you into a fuller, more meaningful life.

Fulfill Your Dream

Many people may know their God given purpose in life, but not know how to accomplish or attain these purposes. Some may have shut down dreaming altogether thinking their dreams are unattainable. Some may be close to fulfilling their dream, but sabotage completion because of inner core beliefs and issues. Wherever you are, we can help get you back on track to discovering fulfilling your dream and purpose for which you were created.

Prayer Counseling

Prayer Counseling looks back to the hindrances and generational issues that keep you from moving into your calling and destiny. For some, this may take longer than with others depending upon their life issues and experiences. In inner healing prayer, I am directed by the Holy Spirit using listening prayer and various tools to help set clients free from strongholds and issues including generational deliverance, Sozo (Greek for to make whole and healed), and Restoring the Foundations. I find that God is healing the fragmented soul very quickly, and some who have spent years in therapy have had amazing results of wholeness in only one session. Prayer Counseling brings both psychological and spiritual healing to many.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching, on the other hand, is looks forward to accomplish the dream and goal God has for you. Even after prayer counseling, people often find they need to establish new habits in living victoriously as a Christian in order to grab hold of the purposes and dreams God has for them. When God gave the Israelites the promise land, He gave it to them little by little because He wanted to train His people to take and occupy the land. This is true for Christians today as we learn to occupy the territory He has given to us and to reign victoriously. We are not victims to our circumstances, but by choice we can become co-creators with God and create the life we want with our desired outcomes and experiences. Through life coaching, one learns to walk by faith and to call into the natural realm, the unseen, that which has been promised and received in the spiritual realm. In life coaching, clients who have been stuck or unmotivated to move forward are propelled to discover and fulfill their God given visions, hopes and goals. As a Prayer Minister, Professor, and Professional Life Coach, I effectively coach clients to awaken and live their God given dreams, potential and desires.

Creative Healing Prayer

Creative Healing Prayer combines listening prayer with one’s innate creative language to release further healing. It capitalizes on the creative potential imparted to us all by the Creator Himself. Using this innate tool, healing capacity occurs in both psychological and physical domains. Creativity has demonstrated profound psychological benefits. Creative expression awakens the emotional and abstract areas of the brain. In combination with verbal expression, understandings and insight can be found that words alone may not access. When the two areas of the brain, creative and logical work together, integration occurs simultaneously in the brain and in the individual.


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